Finding (and Sharing) My Passion

One of the newsletters I subscribe to had an article the other day about finding your passion. It was part of a larger topic often discussed among freelancers regarding finding your own unique niche, setting yourself apart from the competition. Freelance Graphic Designers distinguish themselves by specializing according to format, industry, or business demographics. Some court small business owners, while others prefer large corporations. Some provide only print designs, and others design for the web.

So, where does Pen and Brush Communications fit? I offer many services, as my web site at illustrates. The “passion” article I mentioned earlier reminded me that I’m particularly energized by designing Direct Marketing materials. Sales letters, postcards, brochures, newsletters, and eBooks are the projects I enjoy the most. I’ve also done brochure-style web sites and flyers. Passion is contagious, and is easy to share. I’ll share my passion for my work with every one of my clients. You can count on it.

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