Simplicity in Design

Recently I took a vacation trip abroad. While I was sitting on a tour bus, I noticed the street signs and the advertising around me on billboards and the sides of trucks. And I was struck by the logos I saw. They weren’t much different from the logos I see everyday in the U.S. — they were colorful and creative. But because they were for unfamiliar products (and in a foreign language), I noticed them more. That made me realize just how familiar my favorite U.S. logos are, and how much I take them for granted. And also that creativity is a universal thing — we don’t have a corner on it here in the U.S.

While logos have never been my number one choice for design work, I did come home with new inspiration for trying new things. And I also realized again something I’ve long believed — that the best design is simple design. By that I mean good design is not over-designed, and is not design for design’s sake. It supports a marketing message, but it is most effective when it does not call attention to itself. Nice to get that reminder while I was halfway around the world. Food for thought…

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