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Attention-Getting Folding Patterns for Business Collateral

Standing out from the crowd is a great way to get noticed. I often work with small businesses, many of whom start out their marketing efforts by producing traditional tri-fold brochures. Those who are game to try something different have an advantage, for if they offer a different style, they may create a “user experience” that is memorable enough for … Continue reading

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Graphic Designer or Decorator?

I have a friend who is an Interior Designer. She has mentioned her frustration with people who call her an Interior Decorator. Many people don’t know the difference. After all, don’t both labels have to do with such things as paint, lighting, furniture and the like? Well, yes. But there IS a difference. A decorator is someone who decorates. And … Continue reading

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Why Hire a Professional Graphic Designer?

Believe it or not, it’s more cost-effective in the long run. Professionals work more skillfully and generally faster than do-it-yourselfers. They make far fewer mistakes, saving you time and money. They use high-end feature-rich professional software packages and resources, and are trained in their use, rather than cheaper or low-end resources. The results always look better, and in the case … Continue reading

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