Freelance Graphic Designs

How to Avoid Sacrificing Quality When Your Marketing Resources are Stretched!

When you want winning promotions or marketing materials that connect with customers,

  • And you want project goals met according to
    • your priorities
    • your schedule
    • your budget
  • And your project quality and integrity is important to you,
  • But you have inadequate resources to get the job done…

Hire A Freelance Graphic Designer Who Can Help You Succeed!

Is your project in one of these categories?

  • You want to update your company image
  • You have a new product/service to announce
  • You want to attract new business

Good graphic design in well-targeted marketing materials contributes to your bottom line. I can help you with your next marketing project.

Why Hire a Freelancer?

Hiring a freelancer is a winning solution, especially when in-house resources are squeezed. Suppose you’re risking budgets and deadlines with inadequate staff, but you can’t justify adding permanent employees. Why not hire a freelancer? You can…

  • Expand your staff on a project basis, only as needed, affordably, without the overhead.
  • Add a valued member to your team, offering experienced collaborative skills in addition to design and layout.
  • Benefit from a fresh, outside perspective

My mission is to help companies profit from adding good design to their marketing materials. Contact me today to learn how I can help you do that!

For a closer look, see the Print or Online Services I offer, or view samples available on the Sales Letters, Reports/Books/White Papers, Web Sites, or Branding & Brochures Portfolio pages.